Three reasons why content marketing is crucial for your business

You’ve got a great product or service. Your client management is impeccable. Your website looks pristine, polished, and ready for thousands of views.

So, how do you get those views?

As a business, it’s likely that you’ve got some marketing practices in place. Whether it’s a social media presence or paid advertisements, you’re probably mapping out ways to spread the word. But you may not know that one of the key ways to boost website views is through generating consistent, relevant content.

See below for three key reasons why investing in content marketing for your business is essential for growth.

Content marketing makes you an authority
When you generate relevant content on a regular basis, you’re telling the search engines that you’re an authority in your field. For example, if you’re an attorney offering DUI representation, it’s a good idea to create content geared toward users who are seeking those services. By utilizing key words in your content, you establish yourself and your business or practice as a leading, trustworthy voice. This, in turn, will boost your rankings in searches. Which brings us to…

Content marketing boosts your SEO
SEO, or search engine optimization, is essentially a series of tactics you can use to increase your ranking in search engines. The closer you are to page one, the more likely you’ll get eyes to your site. And with more viewers, you’ll see an increase in customers and business.

Content marketing helps gain trust
Often, businesses and brands make the mistake of only promoting and storytelling around what they do and why they’re great. While it’s important to emphasize what sets you apart and makes you fabulous, users are more interested in how your service applies to their lives. Basically, you want to show them why they need you in a way that feels natural and not like an ad. Generating informational content is a much more effective way to entice users to convert. For example, if you’re a dentist, it’s a good idea to put out content like “five ways you might be causing tooth decay.” At the end, you can include a call to action that briefly plugs your business.

Thinking about starting a blog for your business to boost your rankings? Contact us at NOVA today to see how we can help generate meaningful, relevant content for your business or practice. Let’s get close to page one.

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