Maintaining a blog for your business doesn’t have to be hard – here are five tips

As a marketer or business owner, you know that keeping up a polished, updated website and active social media presence is absolutely vital to your efforts in communicating to your audience and potential customers. So how do you let the search engines know your website is churning out new content, and how do you provide your followers with new, relevant information in your field? A blog!

If you’re considering starting a blog for your business, or have one that needs a bit of dusting off, don’t be intimidated. Keeping up a blog is easier than you might think, and it will prove to be a useful tool in higher SEO rankings and viewer conversions.

As a freelance content marketing writer, I’ve learned a few skills and tricks that are helpful in blogging. Ready to get started? Check out my five tips on maintaining a business blog here.

Be consistent
One of the most important parts of having a blog has nothing to do with the words. It’s simply to be consistent. Depending on your budget and needs, this will vary, but I recommend two to four new blog posts a month. This will keep your content new and fresh, and your readers and potential customers will know they can visit your site to get the latest info.

Additionally, search engines like Google will recognize and reward your site for posting on a regular basis. This means a higher ranking and more eyes on your website.

Use keywords
When you’re writing and optimizing your blog posts, be sure to include relevant keywords so Internet users can find you easily. These are basically search phrases. So, for example, if you’re a dentist in Waco, Texas, include phrases like “dentists in Waco” and “Waco dentists” directly and naturally in the blog copy. It seems obvious, but it really is crucial! You can also incorporate longer, more specific key phrases like “the best dentists in the Woodway area.”

Avoid being too promotional
As you develop content for your business, it’s only natural to want to plug your services and products, because you want to gain customers. However, when it comes to business blogging, you’ll really want to focus on being informational. You can certainly insert a call-to-action for readers to set up a consultation or visit your store, but it’s a good idea to save that until the end. Business blogs are partially meant to serve as authority content, as well as to provide something for readers that they can apply to their lives or businesses. Think of your blog as being an amuse-bouche for the reader!

For example, if you’re a family law attorney, a good topic would be “Five Things To Know About Family Mediation,” followed by an informational piece that gives readers answers. Then, at the end, include a small paragraph about how your practice is seasoned and equipped to help a future client through a family dispute, and encourage them to set up a call today.

Share on multiple platforms
An excellent way to drive traffic to your site and blog is to share your blog posts on social media once they’re published. This will give your followers, who could eventually become clients and customers, a good reason to flip over to your website. And as more people like and comment on your blog, you’ll also likely build your social media following.

Hire a freelance writer
Convinced you need a blog, but simply don’t have the time to dedicate to writing it? Consider hiring a freelance content marketing writer. Having an extension of your team who is dedicated to researching keywords and producing smooth, well-written, and effective blog copy will save you time and is an excellent investment in your business. Having a freelancer on hand is also often more cost-effective than hiring an employee, so you’ll save money, too.

Thinking about starting a blog for your business? Contact us at NOVA today to see how we can help generate meaningful, relevant blog content for your business or practice.

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