How To Come Up With A Blog Post Idea For Your Business

You’ve started a blog for your business, or you have one in place and are brainstorming ideas – this is great! So, where do you begin when it comes to generating content that will get readers interested? How can you come up with topics that will be relevant to your business and pique the interest of potential customers and clients?

Whether you’re writing the content yourself or enlisting the help of a freelance content marketing writer, if you’re responsible for the topics, it can feel as if the idea well has dried up. Allow me to offer some tips on topic ideating!

Start with your services and products
A good way to brainstorm around potential blog topics is to simply start with your business. Review the services you offer or products you sell, and think on how you could write about them. For example, if your business is a pool supply company, one topic idea could be why an automated cleaning system is the best option for pool owners. Then, come up with three to five reasons to support that. This will inform readers, and then it’ll give you a chance at the end to plug your cleaners.

Help solve a problem
Like many, I’m a huge fan of the show Shark Tank, where hopeful entrepreneurs pitch their products or services to high-profile investors. Often on the show, the investors will say that a product needs to solve a problem the consumer would have. I believe the same can be applied to content, especially blog posts! Think about a problem that a consumer would have that would lead them to needing your business.

Many times, you can frame this topic as “what to do if.” For example, if you’re a window company, you could write about “what to do if your windows are cracked,” or “common problems with old windows.” Readers will appreciate the tips and insights, and they’ll view you as an expert and potentially do business with you.

Check out the competition
If you’re feeling a bit of writer’s block, take a gander at what some of your competition is doing in terms of blogging. This might help provide you with some inspiration about what you could blog about. However, be sure to put your own spin on it and craft original material, so you avoid any forms of plagiarism.

Bring on a professional freelance writer
If you’re feeling the need for some fresh eyes who can help you come up with topics, consider hiring a freelance content marketing writer. These writers are professionals at ideating and crafting easy-to-read, sharable articles that will help your site’s rankings and business. Additionally, writers often write in batches so you can have a treasure trove of content available for a while.

Feeling stuck when it comes to content and blogging for your business? Contact us at NOVA today to see how we can help you ideate and craft relevant blog content for your business or practice.

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