What To Look For When Hiring a Freelance Content Marketing Writer

If you’re a business owner or marketing professional who is finding an increasing need for content writing, you might be considering enlisting the help of a freelance content marketing writer. And when it comes to bringing on a freelancer, the process is similar but a bit different from hiring a full-time employee.

Not sure what to consider when hiring a freelance writer? Read on for more on what you should look for.

They have relevant published clips
One of the first things to ask when speaking with a freelance content marketing writer is to see their clips. This will give you an idea of their writing skills and style. It’s also a bonus if they have clips that are in your industry. Be sure to also ask if they have experience with the specific type of deliverables you need help with, such as blog posts or white papers.

They can provide references
While seeing clips is often very helpful for prospective clients looking for a freelance writer, it’s also great to ask for a couple of references, much like with a role candidate. Whether it’s a past professional reference or a client, speaking with someone who worked with the writer can give you a good sense of who they are as a colleague.

Their personality gels with you
As you begin talks with a writer and have seen their clips, ask to set up a phone call or video meeting. Even if it’s a brief 15-minute call to discuss what your specific needs are, this will give you a glimpse into their personality and dynamic. This freelancer could potentially serve as an extension of your team, so you want to make sure they’re professional, pleasant, and will mix well with you and your team.

Feeling ready to hire a freelance content marketing writer and eager to take the next step? Contact Elizabeth, Orlando freelance content marketing writer and founder of NOVA, today for your content needs.

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