Four Tips for Writing a Great Business Blog Post

Whether you’ve just started a blog for your business or you’re looking to refresh your content, you might be wondering what you can do to optimize and upgrade your content.

Before you type your first word on your next business blog post, check out these four tips for ensuring your blog post is organized, impactful, and beneficial to your business:

Ask a question
Before you begin writing, ask yourself questions a potential reader might have. More than likely, if a reader reaches your website, they might have questions relating to your product or service. Ask yourself why a consumer would need your product, and let that help guide your writing.

Make an outline
A key step in writing any type of article, whether it’s a blog post or long-form story, is making an outline. This helps guide what you will write and gives you a framework to reference. It also keeps your writing organized and focused.

Offer a solution for the reader
It’s often said that the greatest products solve problems. Incorporate this into your writing by making it clear how your product or service helps solve a consumer’s problem or how it makes their life easier. Plus, the reader will appreciate that you’re offering tips and insight and will likely trust your business’s authority on the subject.

Present a call to action
End your blog post on a strong note with a call to action. While your overall post shouldn’t be overly promotional, but rather informative, the call to action is your chance to plug your business. It’s a good idea to encourage the reader to act by contacting your business, whether it’s for more information or to set up a consultation.

Have more questions about writing for your business, or interested in hiring a writer to do the work for you? Contact Elizabeth, Orlando freelance content marketing writer and founder of NOVA, today for your content needs! NOVA offers not only content marketing writing, but also strategy and consulting, so you can get tailored guidance for your business and needs.

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