Five Common Business Blog Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

As business owners continue to see the value of content marketing and SEO, more and more are prioritizing blogging as a way to drive web traffic and build trust with readers and potential customers. Blogging is beneficial for a business for numerous reasons, whether it’s for positioning as an authority or developing content for social media channels.

But sometimes, business owners who take blogging into their own hands make some (easily fixable!) mistakes when hitting “publish.” And it may be affecting their ability to increase SEO or make conversions.

Curious to know what some of those mistakes are, and how you can be sure to avoid them? Read on for five common mistakes businesses make when writing blog posts and how to fix them.

Sentences are too long
Often, if you’re writing about a topic that you’re knowledgable or passionate about (which is likely, because it’s your business!), sentences can keep going and going. But when it comes to SEO blogging, this can be a detriment.

Try to keep your sentences concise and use active voice. Ideally, sentences in business blogs should be 20 words or less. Try to also keep paragraphs to around three or four sentences.

The blog post isn’t organized and focused
One of the key ways to ensure your blog post is read all the way through it to organize and plan it. Many blogs turn into rambling tangents, and they lose people fast because readers are often looking for something specific. Avoid this mistake by making an outline first.

For example, for this blog, I outlined the intro, the five mistakes, and conclusion. This will keep you focused and ensure you stay true to the topic. You don’t want your reader to arrive at the end of your post and feel that they’ve gained nothing.

It’s too promotional
This is a very common mistake, because as a marketing tactic, many business owners think they need to plug, plug, plug. However, it’s likely a reader on your blog has arrived there looking for information, not specifically you. Make sure your blog content offers useful information to the reader and isn’t just a long advertisement for your brand or business.

This positions you as an authority, builds trust with readers, and can in turn lead to new customers.

Lack of consistency
A big mistake that business owners make when blogging is being sporadic. In order to truly boost your SEO, you need to be consistently churning out content. A good practice is ideate topics and write the posts at the beginning of the month, so you have them all done.

A great start is two to four blog posts a month, depending on your resources and budget. This also gives you content you can share and promote on your social media channels.

There are no keywords
SEO is a beast that changes constantly, but one consistent factor is the keywords. In order to have a successful business blog post, it’s critical to incorporate relevant and local keywords. Include them in your headline, subheadings, and throughout your post.

Another tip for the keywords and phrases is to make sure they flow naturally. If they feel out of place, it will throw the reader off.

And that’s it for now! Ready to start polishing up your business blog and get more readers and customers? Contact Elizabeth, Orlando freelance content marketing writer and founder of NOVA, today for a free content audit.

Happy blogging!

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