Elements of SEO Writing and Why It’s Important For Your Business

Developing consistent, relevant content is a key marketing tactic you can use for your business. And to make sure you’re reaching your target consumers and boosting views, it’s good to incorporate SEO elements into the writing.

SEO is changing all the time, but there are certain elements that hold true when it comes to writing. If you’re ready to start optimizing your web content, keep on reading!

Keywords and phrases
One of the most important elements of SEO writing is the keywords. Incorporating keywords and phrases naturally into the writing will help boost its SEO, particularly local keywords (ex: Orlando personal injury attorney). This is based on what people are searching, so the more you use them, the more likely someone looking for your specific product or service will find you.

Like any story or article, a compelling headline is absolutely crucial to winning the attention of a reader. A great way to make sure you have an interesting headline is to word it in a way that assures the reader they will get useful information. For example, “five mistakes you might be making with your taxes.”

When it comes to SEO content writing, it’s important to keep things more on the concise side. Try to keep sentences to 20 words or less and paragraphs three sentences. This practice will keep your writing focused and easily digestible for readers.

Keep the reader in mind
In SEO writing, or any business writing where you’re speaking to the consumer, it’s a good idea to keep the reader in mind. This means keeping content informational and useful to the reader, as opposed to promotional. Think about what they’re looking for or a problem they’re looking to solve, and let that guide your writing.

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