Ask Yourself These Five Questions As You Develop Marketing Content

As a business owner or marketing manager, you know that having a solid content plan in place is key to effective marketing. Between website content, blogs, social media, and more, it can be daunting narrowing down priorities when it comes to either starting from scratch or re-evaluating your messaging.

So to help guide your focus before you start crafting your content, ask yourself a few questions:

What are my marketing goals?
One of the first questions to ask yourself as you develop content is “what are my marketing goals?” Is it to get the word out about your business in general, or a specific service or product you have? Think about exactly what you want to focus on promoting and what you want readers to associate with your business.

What is my brand voice?
Aligning on your brand voice is a key factor in generating effective content. Think about your brand and how you want to come across. For example, a financial consultant might want to appear very formal, while a travel company would want a fun vibe to their tone.

Who is my audience?
Another important aspect to think about is your audience. Who are they? Are they in a specific age range? Do they have certain interests? What do they buy, especially from you? You likely have an overall idea based on your consumer insights, so be sure to tap into that data when developing your content.

What information can I offer my audience?
Just like in SEO writing, offering helpful information is an important tactic in content marketing. This type of authority content will boost your SEO on your website, but when applied to social media, it will also help with shares and engagement.

Do I have the resources to be consistent?
In order for content marketing to have an impact, it has to be developed consistently. Throwing up a blog post once every few months or not having a solid, monthly social editorial calendar will likely not yield results. Ask yourself if you’re able to develop the content consistently, or if you need to bring on help, such as a content marketing business or a freelance content marketing writer.

If you’ve asked yourself these questions and want to enlist the help of a content marketing professional, contact me, Elizabeth, at NOVA Content today to set up a consultation. NOVA offers content audits, strategic consulting, editorial planning, writing services, and more, so you can know your business is putting its best foot forward into the online space.

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